Out of a total of 8,600 dangerous dogs registered in the whole of the county of Malaga, just 78 of them are registered in Nerja. There are 365,000 dogs in total on the register.

The breeds which are considered dangerous (with total numbers in the county in brackets) are; Rottweiler (3535), Pit Bull (2275), American Staffordshire Terrier (878), Dogo Argentino (328), Cough-Inu (3), Doberman (743), Staffordshire Bull Terrier (706).

Just a few days ago a pit bull bit off the lead and un-muzzled attacked two sisters aged 5 and 6 years in a playground in Malaga city. The girls escaped with scratches and bites to their legs. The owner of the dog has been identified by the police.

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