A 46 year old man was attacked by a wild boar in the garden of his home in Frigiliana on Monday night. The man was about to take his dog for a walk when he heard the dog barking loudly at which point the wild boar appeared and injured him in the calf of his left leg.

The man was taken by a friend in his car to the ambulatorio in Nerja and from there he was sent to the County Hospital at Velez-Malaga where staff cleaned and stitched the wound. The man was discharged from the hospital at four in the morning.

In an interview with the SUR newspaper the man (who didn’t want to be named) said “I heard the dog bark a lot and thought it had seen a cat, but when I approached it was a wild boar, which ran, hitting my leg with one of its tusks”.

Locals claim that wild boars have been seen approaching the town looking for food and water as a result of the drought in the region, which hasn’t had rain for nearly four months.

Wild boars can weigh 90kg or more and their tusks grow to between 6cm and 12cm in length. Attacks on humans are not common.

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