Nerja Ayuntamiento has announced plans to re-introduce a rubbish collection tax for every household in the area from 2013. The new tax will raise an estimated €540,000 a year from the 15,000 properties on the register, which amounts to a charge of €3 per month per household.

The rubbish tax was abolished in 1992, when it was incorporated into the IBI council tax. The council claims that they are required by the Finance Ministry to find new sources of income in order to pay their debts to their suppliers, which at the end of 2011 had reached €4.8 million. This is part of the new government’s plan to bring public spending in line with its income.

The Councillor for Finance, Antonio Villasclaras said that the rubbish service “costs the town €1.6 million per annum and the rate of €3 per month per household is much lower thatn that paid by residents in nearby towns Such as Torrox, at €12, Rincón de la Victoria, €13, Frigiliana, €10 and Almuñécar, €16.”. The councillor also claimed to be looking at applying a reduced rate for unemployed people and large families. He went on to say that in 2014 the council tax will be lowered to compensate for the new rubbish tax.

In Nerja residents put their rubbish out every night, where it is collected from the kerbside. There are also a limited number of recycling bins around town, for bottles, cans and papers.

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