For the second time in six months plaza de la ConstituciĆ³n in Torrox pueblo has been the scene of an accident in which a vehicle has injured diners seated at an outside restaurant.

The incident happened yesterday morning just after 11am when a vehicle travelling through the square drove on to the pedestrianised area of the square injuring a 67 and 72 year old woman who were seated at a restaurant table. The women suffered only minor injuries and were treated at the local health centre.

In February of this year a drunk driver ran into five tourists seated at an open air cafe in the same square. The driver in this latest incident, a local 63 year old man, tested negative for alcohol and blamed the accident on a loss of concentration, when a can of paint he had just bought, tipped over in the car.

The square was remodelled in 2010 and no longer has a kerb or other barrier between the road and the cafes in the square. Local bar owners have called for steps to be taken to prevent further recurrences of these type of accidents.

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