The Spanish equivalent of the British MOT is the ITV which every car (or motorbike) over 4 years old has to have. The ITV test is carried out every two years for cars less than 10 years old and annually for cars over 10 years old. The nearest ITV test station to Nerja is the one in Algarrobo, on the motorway on the way to the El Igenio/Eroski shopping centre. Take the 277 exit from the motorway and you will find the test centre just off the next roundabout, north of the motorway.

You can make an appointment to get your car or bike tested on the website or by phone on 902-575757 – you will have to speak Spanish to make the appointment. When you arrive at the test centre for your appointment, first of all go inside and queue up to give them your documents (take your existing ITV document if you have one and your Permiso de Circulacion document) and pay. The cost for the test depends on the type of vehicle and the fuel it uses, as follows:


Without emission test: 34,37 €
With emission test PETROL 38,56 €
With emission test DIESEL ≤ 3,5 Tonnes 43,69 €

Once you have paid you will be in the queue for the test. An illuminated sign shows the registration numbers of the cars that are next to be tested and the number of the line to get into round the side of the test centre. You have to drive the car into the test area yourself and follow the instructions of the inspector. He will ask you to do things like switch on your lights, use the brakes, drive forward onto the brake testing area, apply the handbrake and so on. Be prepared to follow instructions in Spanish.

If your car passes you will be given the pass certificate and a new ITV sticker to put in the top right of your windscreen. If you fail you will be given a certificate with the list of defects and you have up to two months to correct the defects. You will have to return to the test centre to get the vehicle re-tested when you have made the repairs. This is free if you do it the same day, or you will have to pay a new fee if you return later. If you return within 15 days the fee you pay will be discounted, depending on what needs to be retested.

There are also garages in Nerja who for a fee will check your car before the ITV and some will also take the car to the test centre for you – this is useful if you don’t speak Spanish.

ITV Test Station Algarrobo
Ctra. Comarcal MA-103 km.1,9
Tlf.: 951-707108
Fax: 951-919942

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