One of the cheapest mobile phone operator in Spain is Yoigo – available from PhoneHouse shops and other outlets. Along with cheap calls they also offer cheap internet access and it is very easy to set up and use with the iPhone. You can also use share your Yoigo internet access with a PC or tablet using the iPhones built in Personal Hotspot (aka Tethering). To set it up follow these simple steps.

First of all click on the Settings icon on your iPhone, then go to General> Network> Cellular Data Network . At the top you should see “Cellular Data” and the only field that needs to be filled in is APN – this should be set to internet. Don´t fill in Username or Password. Once this is set up your iPhone should connect automatically to the internet.

Personal Hotspot & Tethering

If you also want to share your internet connection using the Personal Hotspot function built in to the iPhone, you also need to fill in the Internet Tethering section at the bottom of the page. Again fill in APN – this should be set to internet. Don´t fill in Username or Password.

To activate the Personal Hotspot, now go back to Network and tap on Personal Hotspot, then turn this on.

For iPhone 3 you can only share your internet connection with a USB cable or Bluetooth. The iPhone 4 and above can also share the internet using the WiFi connection, so you can connect your tablets or laptops as if you were at home with your own personal wireless network.

To Tether using Bluetooth, first pair your iPhone with your other device by going back to General and using the Bluetooth menu. Once paired you can connect direct to the internet via the iPhone.

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