A 50 year old man from Malaga, was rescued last night after falling whilst hiking in the Rio Chillar, in the area known as Salto Grande. The hiker fell causing possible fractures to his right leg and hip and was in severe pain. Unable to walk due to his injuries, the emergency services sent a vehicle from the Protección Civil to his aid. Luckily the accident took place in a lower part of the river, which is accessible by car. Rescuers considered using a helicopter to move the casualty, but this was not possible as night was falling.

Members of the Proteccion Civl, local police, Guardia Civil and personnel from the medical centre in Nerja took part in the rescue.

The Rio Chilla walk is hugely popular at this time of year, with many people escaping the August heat in the cool river water. During the walk there are many places hikers have to wade through the river and it would be very easy to lose your footing on the rocks and stones that make up the river bed.

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