The Junta de Andalucia regional government, have announced that they are putting in place temporary measures to prevent families from being evicted from their homes, by banks or property firms. The controversial measure was put in place yesterday (Friday) and allows the Junta to expropriate properties for up to three years to allow the residents to continue to live there.

The move is opposed by the national government in Madrid, which claim it is an attack on private property rights. The Junta will only take action if the families meet certain conditions, having a monthly income of less than €1,600 and the tenants will have to pay rent, of up to 25% of their income, to the Junta.

The Junta will also impose fines of up to €9,000 on banks and property firms that own empty properties in an effort to force them to make the properties available at affordable rents. The Junta de Andalucia claim that there are up to one million empty properties in the region and 45 evictions (desahucios) a day as families struggle to meet their mortgage payments owing to the harsh economic climate in Spain.

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