BBC Satellite Switch off SpainFor the past year, viewers of British TV in Nerja have been nervously awaiting the day when the BBC move their services to a new satellite, ending reception outside of the UK. Today that day has finally arrived with expats losing access to the BBC on their oversized satellite dishes. ITV, Channel 4 and some other services are still being broadcast, but it is only a matter of time before these too are moved.

At the end of 2012 changes to the satellites being used to broadcast British TV signals meant that viewers here in Spain lost Channel 5 (and 5+1, 5* etc) and Channel 4 HD along with some other channels. The new satellites being used (Astra 2F and 2E) have tighter beams which are much more focused on the UK than the old Astra satellites, making reception this far south impossible on existing equipment.

The switch off of the satellites has led to a boom of people supplying internet media boxes to receive British TV via broadband. While this is not a problem for expats living in Nerja who have an expensive broadband connection, it will not be of much use to TV license paying holidaymakers who will no longer be able to get EastEnders and Strictly while they are on holiday or their long winter breaks.

Right now the easiest and cheapest way for broadband users to get British TV is to use the Filmon website or download the Filmon app to their iPhones, iPads and Android tablets. This gives free access to all British TV and more and is completely legal to use. Android media player boxes are also available to buy on ebay and Amazon for as little as £50. These boxes connect to your TV and broadband connection and can run the Filmon app and other services, being the simplest and cheapest method of continuing to receive British TV abroad.

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