To coincide with World Environment Day, which is on the 5th of June, Nerja council has organised various environmental awareness activities at Burriana beach and Torrecilla beach for the young people of the town. The focus will be to encourage smokers at the two beaches not to use the beach as a giant ashtray. Although the majority of people who use the beaches are careful not to litter them, a minority see nothing wrong in leaving their rubbish, including cigarette butts, behind.

Amongst other activities, participants will collect cigarette ends from the sand and there will be gifts for those taking part and a raffle with prizes of kyak trips.

People can register for the event at the Centro de Información Juvenil on Calle Cristo or by phone on 952 52 69 16.

Last year Nerja council installed free disposable ashtray dispensers on Nerja’s beaches in an effort to encourage inconsiderate smokers to stop using the sand as an ashtray. The paper cone ashtrays carry advertising to cover their costs and can then be thrown away complete with their contents.

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A great idea. I am a smoker and have been visiting Nerja for 10 years. I have never left a cigarette end on the Beaches or anywhere else. I like to think of my self as a 'clean tidy and considerate' smoker. I always carry a lidded tin with me to dispose of my cigarette ends. I must say I am appalled though at the amount of tobacco rubbish careless people do leave behind. So much so that I have often wandered along the beaches carrying a plastic bag and picking up loads of cigarette ends and empty packs. Please make sure you issue 'the collectors' with suitable protective gloves. I know that Bacterial and Viral infections don't survive for more than a few hours on a discarded cigarette end but please protect these willing helpers. Good luck guys..........maybe one or two of you will find a Treasure <3
by Hazel Watson

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