The whole of the Málaga coastline, including Nerja, was covered in fog and mist yesterday morning. The sea fog appears when there is a combination of high humidity, warm temperatures and relatively cold sea water. The mist forms as the moist warm air cools, as it passes over the colder sea water, and the water vapour condenses into droplets.

The mist came and went during the day, providing welcome relief from the unusually high temperatures of the past few days.

Elsewhere in Málaga province, temperatures reached highs of over 40°C, whilst in Nerja the thermometers peaked at just over 30°C in the heat of the afternoon, only dipping below 23 °C before sunrise.

The heatwave will continue today, especially in the Costa del Sol and Guadalhorce, which will be on orange alert as temperatures reach 40°C. Ronda and Antequera remain on yellow alert, with temperatures of up to 39°C. Nerja is expecting just over 30°C again today.

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