Over the past few days local police in Nerja have issued fines to dog owners for allowing their pets to foul the public footpath. Dog owners must clean up after their pets in the town or face fines of between €30 and €600, depending on the severity and number of occurrences and in extreme cases the owners can be fined in excess of €600.

Nerja’s councillor for Cleaning & The Urban Environment, Jose Miguel Garcia has reminded people to respect the rules with regard to dog fouling and also asks that residents and locals make sure that they only put their rubbish out at the correct times. He has said that fines have also been issued for putting rubbish out during the day and also for scattering the contents of the rubbish containers on the ground.

If there are restrictions on the times that rubbish may be deposited in the refuse containers there will be a small sign indicating the permissible times. For street collections rubbish may not be put out during the day. Shops and business premises have different collection times which can also vary between summer and winter.

Owners must pick up after their dogs in all parts of the town, whether or not there are signs indicating “Multa” (fine).

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