Nerja’s mayor, José Alberto Armijo, has announced that the project to develop the plan for the re-development of El Playazo has been officially put out to tender in the official Spanish state gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado). The budget for drafting this plan is €71,000, with a deadline for proposals by the 24th of this month. The project itself will take 11 months to complete.

The project sets out to develop a new seafront promenade, and also increase the size of the beach, increasing its depth by 70 metres along most of its length of 1100 metres. This would create an extra 70,000 square metres of beach area.

The area behind the road, which currently has a few restaurants, boat yards and private farm buildings, will also be redeveloped. El Playazo is currently largely undeveloped, with just one hotel at the end of the beach. In November of last year, the regional government (the Junta de Andalucia) declared a moratorium on all new building projects within 500 metres of the coastline.

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