Frigiliana Council has announced how they intend to spend nearly €300,000 they are to receive from the County Council’s Services and Works budget. Nearly €120,000 will be spent improving the facilities at the municipal swimming pool and a further €120,000 will be spent improving Calles Felipe IV and Cruz de Pinto.

As part of the works the swimming pool’s filtration system will be improved to avoid problems that it has suffered over the past few years. Apparently the system is currently not powerful enough for the size of the pool. The council will also be improving the changeing rooms and other public areas of the pool.

Calles Felipe IV and Cruz de Pinto will be re-surfaced and the drainage systems will also be improved at the same time. Callejon del Tejedor will also be re-surfaced and have its underground pipeworks replaced at a cost of €54,000.

The works will be put out to tender, with a start date of between May and June 2013.

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