Set back on the hillside overlooking Frigiliana, is what is believed to be the only working Miel de Caña (sugar cane syrup) factory left in Europe. The El Ingenio Nuestra Señora del Carmen has been producing Miel de Caña for more than 300 years and in 2012 produced 300,000 kilos of the syrup, an increase of 3% over the previous year.

Most (90%) of the factory’s products are sold in Spain, through agreements with major supermarket chains such as Eroski, Carrefour, Auchan, Day and Mercadona, with a small percentage exported to other European countries.

The manufacturers claim that there are many health benefits from eating Miel de Caña. It is high in fructose, glucose and sucrose, which are easily assimilated by the body, as well as vitamins and minerals and is a natural remedy for anemia and other health problems.

The factory is housed in a building that was originally the residence of the Condes de Frigiliana when it was built in 1508 by Manrique de Lara. It was converted into a sugar cane factory more than 300 years ago and in 1929 was sold to its current owners Sociedad De la Torre who continue producing sugar cane syrup to this day, in a process little changed from four centuries ago.

Frigiliana is the town just north of Nerja, 10 minutes or so away by car.

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