Chaparil RoadworksThe improvement works to the pavements along Calle Chaparil have got underway again, this time from calle Antonio Millón to calle Jaén, near to Plaza Tutti Frutti. Back in November, the pavements on the lower part of the street were replaced and the existing trees moved to an area near to the fire station.

At the time Nerja Infrastructure Antonio Councillor Garcia stated that “it is necessary to move the trees that produced the damage to the pavements and replace them with new trees that will not cause damage.”. He added that “the trees that are removed will be replanted in the street near the fire station, where others have been planted from the same species, and none of them suffered impairment”.

Car parking will remain the same after the improvement works, with parking in lines on one side of the street and in rows on the other. The total cost of the work is €125,000 funded by central government and Nerja council.

Damage Caused By The Tree Roots On Calle Chaparil

Damage Caused By The Tree Roots On Calle Chaparil

Ever since the plans to remove the existing trees from Calle Chaparil were announced back in 2010, there has been a local campaign to stop this happening, with posters attached to the trees, demonstrations and online campaigns on Facebook.

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