The prizes have been announced for yesterday’s Dia de la Cruz and the overall winners are the people from calle La Maquinilla (opposite the bus station), whose display has been judged the best out of all sixteen in Nerja and Maro.

Second prize went to Calle Pintada and third to the display in the passageway on Calle Pintada.

The prizes will be handed out next week, on the 11th, at midday in the council chamber.

The Councillor for Popular Traditions, Sandra Jimena, thanked everyone for the high turnout yesterday, both in Nerja and Maro and congratulated all those who installed the spectacular floral displays in the streets of the towns. She also thanked the choir Arena y Sal for performing at the townhall cross on the Balcon de Europa.

The next event in Nerja is Residents Day on Sunday followed by San Isidro on the 15th.

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