As we reported two weeks ago the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary, which for many years has been located on the main road from Nerja to Torrox, is being forced to search for a new home, possibly before the summer.

Harriet Horne, President of the Donkey Sanctuary explains why: “The Town Hall has to implement new rules that state that animal shelters are not allowed within a distance of 500 metres from a “nuclearised population”. Our current site is only 150 metres away.”

The charity has already started looking for another location and has identified one not too far from the existing site, but, as yet, details have not been finalised. The charity is working to get a new licence and they say that the Town Hall is being supportive. According to Harriet Horne “Actually, relocation may be good news: in terms of organisation we were planning to expand and create better facilities.”. She added that the sanctuary are working on a project plan for the move and have started a special fund to raise money to cover the cost.

More Volunteers Wanted

The charity, which has existed for nearly 9 years and in that time has become a very popular attraction in Nerja, now wants to take advantage of the move to upgrade its facilities. The sanctuary gives specialised care to the elderly donkeys and other animals, such as horses, pigs, and cats that they currently look after. “We want to give them all the necessary care they need, especially the animals during their old age,” Harriet says firmly. “We would like people with spare time to help out. We are in need of people to meet and greet visitors, to feed the animals and to raise funds and publicise our activities. If you love animals then spending your time here at the Sanctuary, or working behind the scenes, will be hugely welcome and should be very fulfilling.”

Harriet knows that building another site is going to cost extra money but she looks at it in a practical way: “We also want to approach some local businesses to help build the new accommodation or to donate or lend materials, tools and transportation. Some people also want to give materials instead of money. If you can bring food for the animals to the Sanctuary then that also would be much appreciated.”.

At the Nerja Donkey Sanctuary there’s still a lot of work to be done but Harriet remains positive about the future.

If you would like to volunteer at the sanctuary, either call in or contact Judy on or phone her on 639235379.

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