The long awaited second runway at Malaga airport is due to start operating in June, doubling the airports capacity. Last year nearly 13 million people used the airport, which is the fourth busiest in Spain

The airport has been a giant building site over the past few years, during which time the airport has been extended with a new terminal building, that opened in March 2010 and new car parks and access roads.

Last month the airport was also in the news as two former Flybe pilots took their employer to an industrial tribunal. They are claiming unfair dismissal after arguing in the cockpit of a flight inbound to Malaga from Exeter. During the flight the captain told his first officer “you’re my bitch” and they also argued about changing course to avoid turbulence. The argument continued after the plane landed and both men were sacked by management as a result, over a “potential risk to safety”. The two men are claiming the exchanges were normal cockpit banter.

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