RainSpain’s national meteorological office (AEMET) has issued an Orange Alert for Malaga province forecasting heavy rain between 3pm and midnight. A total of 90 litres/square metre of rain are forecast to fall over the region, with rates of up to 30 litres of rain per hour.

If the forecasts come true, more rain will fall in the next 12 hours than in the previous four months where only 75 litres have fallen, compared to an average of 264 litres at this time of year.

At the moment the region is suffering its fifth driest year since records began in 1942 and the driest autumn and winter on record. However, the forecast rain would take January back to an average rainfall month and help ease the drought conditions.

In Nerja heavy rain is forecast overnight, light rain on Saturday afternoon and more heavy rain on Sunday with temperatures of up to 16°C. In September 2007 a storm caused up to 185 litres of rain per square metre to fall in Nerja in one day, causing damage to roads and other infrastructure in the town, which took months to repair.

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