Maro’s annual San Antón festival is on this weekend, Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of January 2013. The actual feast day is the 17th, but the main celebrations have been moved to the weekend to make it easier for people to attend.

On Thursday the 17th there will be an offering of flowers at 6.30pm – if you would like to take part bring red carnations, which will adorn the saint’s throne.

On Friday at 1pm there will be a parade with the charanga band The Tropical and afterwards raciones of choto a la mareña (kid goat) will be on offer in the Marquee in the main square at €6 a racion.

At 7pm on the Friday the bonfires in the streets will be started and the one in the main square will go up at 9pm. There will be prizes for the best bonfire.

The group Son del Arte will end the day with a concert in the Marquee.

On Saturday the 19th the day starts with a diana floreada (marching band) at 10am. At noon there will be a mass for the patron saint after which there will be a concert by the Tropicals in the main square.

At 2pm there will be performance by Alalba followed by a choral group and dancing. At 5pm there will be children’s games.

The procession starts at 8.30pm along with a firework display and the Municipal Band will play. Afterwards Alalba will play again and there will be fireworks to mark the end of the festival.

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