media leguaLast weekend’s “XXI Media Legua” running competition held at Burriana beach was won by Javier Díaz Carretero from San Pedro and Belen Infante from Guadalhorce de Alora in the male and female categories respectively.

The event, which is in honour of Ayo who owns the popular restaurant of the same name at Burriana beach had a strong showing of competitors from around the region, with athletes from Nerja well represented in the results, which are as follows:-

PREBENJAMIN: Juan Cereto, Nerja and Maria Vazquez, Nerja.
BENJAMIN: Juan Rostes, Velez and Carmen Monedero, Ubeda.
ALEVIN: Pablo Perez, Nerja and Nieves Lopez, Nerja.
INFANTIL: Carlos Salcedo, Nerja and Adriana Bada, Madrid.
CADETE: Ouassim Oumaiz, Nerja and Melissa Alof, Somerlach.
JUVENIL/JUNIOR: Pablo Gonzalez, Velez and Belen Infante, Guadalhorce.

PROMESA: Ismael Sedano, Nerja.
SENIOR: Alvaro Fernandez, Nerja and Maite Urdiales, Nerja.
VETERANO A: Javier Diaz, San Pedro and Soledad Menchon, Nerja.
VETERANO B: Agustin Molina, Nerja and Rosa Martin, Independiente.
VETERANO C: Antonio Chaparro, Coria del Rio.
VETERANO D: Antonio Rivas, Nerja.

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