The long awaited Nerja Carnival exhibition has finally opened to the public. The exhibition, in the Sala Mercado (near to the Mercadona supermarket) has on display costumes, hats, masks and other props from past Carnivals.

The opening hours are 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 8pm, but don’t rush round just yet as it is closed as weekends. Luckily the organisers claim that the exhibition will stay open until a week after the carnival, to show the winners’ costumes, so visitors have plenty of time to go and see it.

The Nerja Carnival 2013 itself starts on the 7th of February, with the finalé being on the 10th, with the ‘Entierro Del Bogueron’, the Burial of the Sardine. This traditional event takes place throughout Spain and its origins are unclear but are certainly ancient. A slow march takes place, peopled by wailing and weeping ‘women’, dressed in black and often with fishnets, clearly distraught at the death of the sardine. On arrival at Calahonda Beach the poor fish is blown up!

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