This year’s Nerja Caves Festival, which ended at the weekend, sold 55% more tickets than the previous year’s festival, with a total of 2,612 tickets having been sold.

The manager of the Nerja Caves, Ángel Ruiz, has attributed this increase to the fact that visitors can (for the first time in the Festival’s history) buy tickets online and also because the price structure of the tickets has changed. This year instead of a flat price of €50 euros per ticket, there were three different prices (€25, €30 and €40) depending on the seat’s position in the auditorium.

Ángel Ruiz has also claimed that the cost of the festival has been reduced by around €100,000, “thanks mainly to a drastic reduction of protocol costs, better resource management and the work of Foundation staff, who assumed duties hitherto performed by outside companies”.

The Caves Foundation has also released daily youtube highlights of the previous nights show – another first for the festival, such as Pasion Vega’s performance from the 21st, shown below.

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