The Nerja Caves have brought themselves firmly into the electronic age by launching a virtual tour of the caves, available from their website. This google StreetView style tour allows visitors to look around the caves via the internet in a series of 360º panoramic images taken in high-definition inside the caves.

The manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation Ángel Ruiz explained that the “images allows the visitor to get an idea of the beauty and grandeur of this natural monument” adding that it is an “incentive for people to visit the caves for the first time, or as a reminder to visit them again”.

The stunning images have been created by the company Wellrounded360 º, who have finished similar projects in other parts of Andalucia and also in Morocco. The company is now working on the second phase of the project to create a virtual tour of the upper galleries, not open to the public, which will include the cave paintings of seals that have been dated as being over 40,000 years old.

The virtual tour is available on the Nerja Caves official website, click on the Virtual Tour tab on the left –

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