Antonio Villasclaras NerjaNerja Ayuntamiento yesterday approved the 2012 budget of €23.2 million with an overall increase in local taxes and fees of 3.7%.

The decision by the governing Partido Popular party was harshly criticized by the opposition, (the PSOE and IU), which accused the mayor, José Alberto Armijo, of acting “illegaly” and “contrary to his election manifesto,” which pledged during the municipal elections of May this year, to keep taxes and fees frozen for the duration of the economic crisis, .

“The PP has deceived voters, because they promised that would not raise taxes and now, just six months later, that is the first thing they do” said the spokesman of the PSOE, Luis Pena.

In reply the councillor for finance, Antonio Villasclaras (PP), insisted that the new tax measures were fully legal, and claimed that taxes had to increase after having been frozen for three years. He also stressed that Nerja’s IBI council tax rate ‘is one of the lowest in the province, and only small municipalities such as Pizarra, Sayalonga, Villanueva del Trabuco and Villanueva de Tapia are lower.”

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