Nerja Council today carried out enforcement action against three local businesses which were incorrectly using public space in front of their premises. The businesses were either using more space than they were allowed, did not have the necessary license or had not paid their license fees.

According to the council, the businesses concerned had received repeated warnings, before this action was taken. The council also claims that whilst it understands the need for businesses to use public space, it is essential that streets are not blocked and that emergency vehicles can also pass freely along the streets.

The council say they will continue with this campaign and has asked businesses to ensure that they are complying with the relevant regulations. The items that have been seized are now in storage and will be returned to their owners when all outstanding fees, including the costs of today’s actions, have been paid.

Many cafes, restaurants and shops have permission to use the space in front of their premises for tables or to display merchandise. In most cases the area they can use is marked out with white lines on the pavement. Recently one of the bars on Calle Cristo was forced to remove their outside tables due to a problem with their license. Last year a shop on Calle Pintada had its outside stock seized, because their display was bigger than the size permitted..

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