Playazo Beach Nerja

Playazo Beach Nerja

The head of the Coasts Department at Malaga County Council, Angel Gonzalez, yesterday held a working meeting at the Nerja townhall with the mayor and several other councilors to discuss various issues related to the Nerja coastline, including the future of El Playazo beach.

El Playazo is the westernmost beach in Nerja and is currently largely undeveloped, with just a dirt track and a few beach restaurants, plus one hotel at the end of the beach.

The council want to increase the size of the beach, increasing its depth by 70 metres along most of its length of 1100 metres. This would create an extra 70,000 square metres of beach area.

According to the councillor for Tourism Bernardo Pozuelo, expansion of Playazo is necessary to give Nerja the beaches that it needs to accommodate the growing number of tourists that come here and to ease overcrowding in the summer months.

The council also want to develop the area between the beach and the main road – an area of one million square meters.

During the local elections last year, the IU party proposed an ambitious plan to develop Playazo with a new promenade and leisure facilities, shown below.

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