Nerja does not have a golf course.  The saga about whether one will be built has been going on for years but on April 30th the PSOE candidate for mayor, Angel Ramirez, suggested that if he is elected a golf course will be built.

Ramirez was speaking at the end of the 3rd Nerja Caves Golf Championship (Campeonato de Golf Cueva de Nerja) held at the Baviera Golf Resort in nearby Velez-Malaga.  He declared the championship a complete success and explained that a golf course in Nerja was fundamental to the development of quality tourism.  He added that the golf course would respect the environment and attract the kind of tourism that Nerja is in need of.

Whether Ramirez’s words were only pre-election promises, or a real statement of intent is not known.  One of his PP opponents, councillor Alberto Tomé certainly doesn’t believe him.  Only recently he accused Ramirez and the PSOE of only supporting the golf course project as a cynical vote winning ploy, and accused them of being responsible for blocking the project in the first place.

Elections take place on May 22nd

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