Five new clothes recycling points are to be installed in Nerja to meet the town’s obligations under climate change legislation. The new containers will be installed by the council working with OSAH (Organización Social de Acción Humanitaria).

The new recycling points will be located in calle Madrid, avenida de Pescia (next to Narixa school), by the sports stadium, calle Mirto (by the Sunday market site) and on the Maro beach access road. There are also recycling containers at the punto limpio (rubbish tip).

The new containers will bring the number of recycling points in line with a 2009 Climate Change law that requires one container for every 3,000 inhabitants of the town. There are already three containers in the town and with the five new ones the ratio will be 2,827 inhabitants per container. OSAH will install the new recycling points and be responsible for their on-going maintenance, cleaning and emptying along with cleaning of the area around the containers. All this will be done at no cost to Nerja council.

OSAH will also offer other services such as talks on environmental issues and other activities as requested by the council.

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