A new car park has been put into operation near to the start of the Rio Chillar walk, known as Los Cahorros, at the cement factory. Last year the council closed off car access to the Rio Chillar, opening a new car park several miles away. The new car park will be supervised and have space for 63 vehicles.

The Rio Chillar is one of the most popular summer excursions in Nerja, starting at Los Cahorros. However, this walk has become a victim of its own success, with too many people going there and too many cars trying to park at the entrance, especially on summer weekends, leading to access problems for emergency service vehicles. Visitors have also been failing to respect the natural environment, dumping their rubbish (including their water sodden shoes) as they go.

Last week a team from Andalucía Directo from Canal Sur Televisión filmed a report from the Rio Chillar (youtube video above).

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