PP Win Spanish General ElectionThe right wing Partido Popular has won a resounding victory in the parliamentary election which took place today.

The socialist PSOE had no chance of winning after being the government presiding over the financial and economic crisis enveloping the Euro countries.  In fact the result is the best for a right wing party since the end of the fascist dictator Franco’s regime, with the PP taking 186 seats out of the 350 in Congress, 76 seats more than the governing PSOE.

Out of the nearly 25 million votes cast, the PP won nearly 11 million votes and the PSOE, who have been in power since 2004, only 7 million votes.

To let the Spanish people know what the future holds, a PP spokesman Miguel Arias said  Spain was “going to make all the sacrifices” – he told BBC News – “We have been living as a very rich country. People are used to a very high level of public services and it takes time to them to acknowledge the realisation that we now are a poor country, that we have lots of debts and in order to pay them back we must reduce public expenditure and then we must recover the confidence of the markets.”

Nerja already has a PP dominated Ayuntamiento and Mayor. Regional elections for the province of Andalucia are due to take place next year and again the incumbent socialist PSOE administration is expected to fall to the PP.

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