Plaza Marina NerjaA group of forty people were caught red-handed by police in Nerja playing an illegal game of bingo. The police raid took place on a bar in the town’s Plaza Marina, which had been holding the bingo sessions several days a week, with ten tables worth of players taking part.

Stopping the game in its tracks, the police also seized a DVD containing the bingo game itself, two TV screens, 9,000 bingo cards and €179 in cash.

Over the past year, the regional government of Andalucia has closed down a total of six illegal bingo rings in Malaga province, plus three illegal poker rooms in Mijas, Estepona and Benajarafe. As well as bingo and poker, the police have seized nearly 12,000 illegal lottery tickets.

Under Spanish law gambling, including bingo, can only take place in specially licensed premises.

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