One of the stars of Spanish TV’s hit series Verano Azul is to get an overhaul. The boat La Dorada, which resides in Parque Verano Azul on the west side of Nerja is a replica of the boat that one of the stars of the TV series lived in. All Spanish visitors to Nerja, remember the 1980s TV series and as such, La Dorada is one of the town’s best known tourist attractions.

Now Nerja council have approved the plans to restore the boat, at a total cost of €36,309. The work will be more extensive than previously thought due to the deterioration of the boat. The deck will be replaced with iroko – a hard wearing wood used in the construction of wooden yachts and parts of the interior will also be replaced. When completed, all the wood will be given a weatherproof treatment and painted to look like new. The council will also ask Televisión Española if they would like to make a contribution to the restoration work, given the fame of Verano Azul.

Nineteen episodes of the TV series which was filmed in Nerja were made, and they drew audiences of up to 20 million viewers in Spain The show has been re-run almost every summer since then. It has left a deep impact over several generations of viewers and has become part of Spain’s common cultural memory. It was also broadcast in Latin America, Portugal, France and some Slavic countries like Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

The show was produced by the Spanish state broadcaster TVE (which was the only television network available in Spain until 1983), and it was originally broadcast on its then main channel TVE1 from October 11, 1981 to February 14, 1982.

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