The prize winners of this year’s San Isidro which took place yesterday here in Nerja, have been announced.

The prizes for the best ox carts went to “La Raya Del Camino” in first place, la Cofradía de Jesús Resucitado in second, “Rocieros 2013” in third place and “Romeros y Romeras Pro-San Isidro” in fourth.

For the mechanically drawn carts, first prize went to “Nuestro Barrio”, second to “Los Amigos”, third to “Los Colonos” and fourth to la Peña Nerjeña.

In the horse drawn carriage category the first prize went to Francisco Manzano, second to Rafael Martín, third Miguel Narváez and fourth to Manuel Narváez.

For the horse riders individually they went to Miguel Angel Muñoz in first place, María Avila in second, Estela Cordero in third and Francisco Ramos in fourth
For pairs the prizes went to Luis Atencia first, Francisco Muñoz second, Antonio Rojas third and Antonio Manzano, fourth.

In total over 10,000 people took part in the festival, with 100 floats in the procession, nine of which were pulled by oxen.

Our San Isidro 2013 photo gallery is here.

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