Nerja San JuanNerja council have published the programme of events for the Noche de San Juan that takes place this weekend on Sunday the 23rd of June 2013.

At Burriana beach the entertainment starts at 10pm with a “verbena popular” (dancing) with the group Alalba providing the music. At midnight the bonfire will be lit and the fireworks set off.

People can camp at Burriana beach from the night of the 23rd to the following morning (Monday).

Al El Playazo beach, people are permitted to camp there from Saturday morning (22nd of June) until Monday night.

Nerja’s councillor for popular traditions has also asked people to respect the rules in place for the fiesta. Principal amongst these are that people are not allowed to connect up electrical equipment to the public electricity supply or use their own generators. Discos are also prohibited along with non-beach furniture.

Barbecues are allowed on the beach, but the wood used must not contain nails, staples, screws or other sharp objects that will be a hazard to beach users in the following days. Toxic products can not be used as fuel for the barbecues.

Vehicles can only be parked in the official parking areas and must not be parked on the beach itself. Music is prohibited between 4am and 10am of the night of San Juan itself (the 24th).

Users can not mark off their own spaces on the beach with fences and banners etc. No rubbish is to be left on the beach after the event, including furniture and other items. For safety reasons it is recommended to keep a distance of at least 2m between fires and tents, umbrellas etc.

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