People Camping Out Carabeo Beach Nerja June 23rd 2012

People Camping Out Carabeo Beach Nerja June 23rd 2012

El Noche de San Juan in Nerja takes place on the night of June 23rd each year, and continues until the morning of the 24th.

The summer solstice has been the focus for festivals for thousands of years and it is no coincidence that Christianity chose to celebrate the birth of Saint John the Baptist at a time of year that was already important to pagans.

The festival of San Juan marks the beginning of summer and in Nerja the tradition is to camp on the beaches overnight with friends and family.  At midnight effigies are lit, and bonfires leapt over, and those with sins to cleanse, or who just want to join in the fun, take a dip in the sea.

A Nerja festival is not complete without wine and music, so don’t expect much sleep if you are staying all night, but do expect to enjoy a great party.

The official bonfire, with fireworks and live music, takes place on Burriana Beach at midnight..

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