In a scene reminiscent of James Bond, the speed boat and rib that operate the banana and jetski rides down at Burriana Beach, were yesterday (Sunday) deliberately beached by the drivers rather than face the long ride back to the boatyard at Playazo.

The strong wind and big waves forced the unusual move, which was watched in amazement by the huge number of holidaymakers on the beach. Both boats took a long run up down the boat lane and hit the beach at speed. The drivers tilted the engines up out of the water just before hitting the beach and both ended up parked well out of reach of the waves.

The parascending boat also operates at that end of the beach, but sensibly wasn’t out in yesterday’s conditions. Although the sea looks quite tame in the picture below, the red flags were flying and the conditions were not good for boating.

Both Boats Parked On Burriana Beach

Both Boats Parked On Burriana Beach

The drivers of the boats were presumably suitably inspired by Roger Moore in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die, although in this instance no boats ended up in swimming pools and no wedding parties were disrupted:

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