The troubled tram system in Velez-Malga will stop operating on Monday 4th of June, after the local council announced that it would no longer fund the service.

The tram opened in 2006 at a cost of 35 million euros and runs from Torre del Mar on the coast, to just outside the town of Velez-Malaga – a total distance of 4.7km. A second phase was due to open three years ago, with a further 1.2km of track bringing the tram into the town centre. However due to financial problems this final section remains closed.

The tram has never performed as planned, with insufficient passenger numbers to make the project viable. Velez-Malaga council subsidises each ticket by 52 cents and has built up debts of 2.5 million euros with the tram operator. The council has called on the regional government of Andalucia to provide financial support for the tram, the first of its kind in Andalucia.

The three trams (bought at a cost of 8 million euros) will remain idle, until a solution can be found.

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