Two NATO warships are currently visiting Malaga port and will be open to the public for visits on Tuesday and Wednesday (3rd and 4th of September 2013) between 4pm and 8pm. The two frigates are the Spanish F103 Blas de Lezo and the Turkish F246 TCG Salihreis.

The two ships form part of NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 which is taking part in NATO’s Active Endeavour operation against terrorism and the movement of weapons of mass destruction in the Mediterranean.

The Spanish Blas de Lezo is a F100 class frigate that is nearly 150m in length and displaces around 6,000 tonnes. It was built in Spain at a cost of €450m in 2004. The Turkish Salihreis was built in Germany in 1997 and is 118m long with a displacement of 3,000 tonnes.

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