The winning contractors for the new water treatment plant that is due to go into service in 2015 have finally handed in their blueprint for the new plant, two months later than originally planned. The delay was agreed with the Environment Ministry so that the plans could be as “definitive as possible”.

The plans now have to be approved by the Environment Ministry within two months. There are two distinct parts to the project, the construction of the treatment plant itself (on the eastern side of Nerja, pictured) and the construction of the new drainage system and pumping stations to bring the waste to the treatment plant. In many parts of Nerja the drains have already been upgraded during various roadworks, such as the pedestrianisation of the route from Calle Carabeo to Calle Antonio Millon. Currently the section at the end of Calle El Barrio has roadworks as the new drains are laid, before the road is paved with marble blocks, to match the rest of the street.

The new treatment plant has been in the planning stages since the 1970′s and the current project was approved by the Government back in April 2011, with the tendering process starting in March 2012. During the tender process, there were a total of 14 proposals, ranging in price from just under €20M to €22M (plus VAT).

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