This time last year, the old rusting railings at Torrecilla were removed and replaced with shiny new tubular stainless steel railings. This time it is the turn of the section that runs from the bottom of Plaza Cangrejos, along the promenade towards El Salon beach. The old railings had rusted badly in the salt air and in one place had gone completely (see photo below), leaving a small drop down to the cliffs underneath.

Nerja council have now started on the work to install 290m of new railings and have already removed the old sections. The wall itself is being raised in height and the new stainless steel railings will sit on top, in works that are estimated to cost around €70,000.

The work last year cost some €50,000 and this year’s work is being funded by Nerja Council itself, despite having asked the Coasts Department to pay. The council claim that as it was the Coasts Department that specified and fitted the original railings 13 years ago, which have deteriorated badly in the harsh sea air environment on the promenade, then it should be the Coasts Department that funds their replacement.

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