Plaza de la Ermita is on Calle de San Miguel, just down from the Mercadona supermarket and is a small square, the centrepiece of which is the chapel of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias (Our Lady of the Anguished).

The chapel was constructed in the Baroque style in 1720 by Bernarda María Alférez, a member of the López de Alcántara family, from Granada and owners of the sugar refinery “San Antonio Abad”. She used the profits from the sugar refinery to fund the construction of the chapel and its subsequent maintenance.

The structure is comprised of masonry and brickwork, with a nave over which spans a vaulted ceiling with a half-seam and small windows and the main chapel with a hemispherical vaulted ceiling above a shell type motif. The dome features magnificent oil paintings representing the Pentecost, whilst in the shells one can see pictures of the four Evangelists, and on the capitals and the triumphal arch pictures of the cardinal and theological virtues, angels and decorative swirls and spirals. Finally there is a dressing room where one can find a depiction of Our Lady of The Anguished, Patron saint of Nerja behind a portico and the belfry.

Following a recent study and subsequent restoration of the painting the work has been attributed to a painter trained in Granada and has been dated between 1730 and 1750.

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