The tiny village of Acebuchal lies in the foothills of the mountains of the Tejeda and Almijara National Park. Until 1949 Acebuchal was a poor village whose inhabitants produced charcoal and limestone and kept some animals. It was also a resting point for merchants from the coast and nearby towns who were on their way to Granada to sell or exchange their fish, vegetables and fruit which were laden on the backs of mules. This way of life had not changed for two hundred years. No roads, no electricity, no plumbing.

In 1949 Franco forced the population of Acebuchal to move out so that the Guardia Civil could use the location as a base to hunt down the guerrillas in the mountains who were continuing to oppose the fascist regime. Over time the village fell into ruins and this was the way it stayed until Antonio ‘El Zumbo’, an old resident of Acebuchal, took the initiative to renovate the village. The first house was completed in 1998 and after 7 years the project was complete. Now, most of the village has been restored, but there are still a few ruined houses.

The winding streets and whitewashed houses make Acebuchal an attractive place to visit for a day trip. It is also possible to rent apartments and villas in the village. The location is perfect for hikers and those seeking peace and quiet, with walks both up and down the valley from the hamlet. There is only one bar (Bar Acebuchal, pictured below) which has a terrace overlooking the village and serves food at lunchtimes, including their home made bread. There are no shops or other restaurants.

Acebuchal can be reached by car from Frigiliana or Torrox. There is also a fairly easy 6km walk from Frigiliana to the village with wonderful scenery and nature all around.

To get to Acebuchal from Nerja, drive through Frigiliana and you will find, after a couple of miles, a small, easy to miss turning on the right signposted Acebuchal. Follow the winding road and you will eventually see the town in the valley below the road to the left. Follow the road down into the town and park where you can find a space.

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