After an impressive 37 years in the music business, BONEY M is still going strong. The legendary band who achieved global recognition and almost instant fame in the music industry with songs like “Daddy Cool”, “Rivers of Babylon”, “Ma Baker”, “Sunny” or “Rasputin” –many of which won them gold and platinum discs- will offer a one-off concert at the football stadium in Almuñécar on the 28th of July at 9pm as part of their 2012 World Tour.

Tickets cost from 30€ to 70€ and are available from:

Nerja: Restaurante OLAS (Playa Burriana) – Annis Vitalshop

El Corte Inglés

Motril: Radiovisión – Telepizza

Almuñécar: Casa Cultura – Oficina de Turismo – Costa Granada Home (Plaza Madrid)

Torre del Mar: Muebles Pirámides Puerto

Frank Farian, the German producer who founded the legendary band back in the 70s is behind the production of this spectacular concert. As many as 12 people among singers, dancers and musicians will jump on stage to ensure that fans at the concert enjoy a magical night where every single hit of the band will be performed with the same passion and originality that made the band so popular back in the 70s and 80s.

Liz Mitchell, BONEY M’s leading singer, is excited to come to Almuñécar (Granada), where she has never played before. Far from admitting that age has taken its toll on either her or any other member of the band, she refers to their Jamaican blood to explain how they have not lost one inch of enthusiasm and strength. If anything, it seems they have only gotten better with the passing of the years.

Mitchell and Farian understand there are quite a few bands using the name BONEY M around the world that have nothing or very little to do with the original band. This is due to the fact that back when the band was formed, nobody cared about copyright names. Indeed, BONEY M was born in the middle of the “flower power” generation and legal issues did not really have a place in their lives back then. Today, however, they want everyone to understand that the band who will give a unique concert on the football field in Almuñécar on the 28th of July will be the one and only, the real BONEY M.

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