Another live music treat this Saturday in Nerja, with Rosario Solano appearing in the Plaza de los Cangrejos as part of the summer festival in the square.

Rosario Solano is a regular performer in the most popular ‘fado’ venues in Lisbon.  ‘Fado’ is a style of music that is often referred to as ‘The Portuguese Blues’ because of its plaintive, haunting sounds and its lyrics about failed love, homesickness and yearning.  Its origins are much argued about but undoubtedly grew out of the melting pot of cultures that formed the Portuguese colonies in Africa and Brazil.

The concert is part of the ‘Diversons’ de la Obra Social ‘La Caixa’ programme, which brings together musicians from around the world who are connected to Spain, and aims to promote harmony and integration between cultures through music.  Since its founding seven years ago the programme has organised over 600 concerts, with music ranging from Andean to African, and has entertained over 200,000 people.



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