If you are going to be in Nerja over the Wimbledon fortnight (25th June to 8th July 2012) and don’t want to miss any of the tennis, there are plenty of bars that will be showing the matches live. All the Spanish bars (and restaurants) will have the tennis on when Nadal is playing and the British and Irish bars will have most of the matches on, depending on who gets through (check in the individual bars as to what will be on on which days).

Euro 2012 overlaps Wimbledon for the first week, so expect the football to be given preference in the evenings.

We will update this page when bars let us know if they have any special Wimbledon plans, including Numero Seis and Buddy’s who both cover all the major sporting events.

To find the Wimbledon schedule as it is released and updated, go to the official Wimbledon site here.

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