Located in the centre of Nerja, our weather station is designed to give as accurate an indication of what the weather is like in Nerja right now, with live temperature, wind and air pressure readings.

Data is uploaded to the website every minute and the gauges will automatically refresh, to show the latest readings.

Temperatures are measured in the shade and it will feel a lot hotter in the full sun. Similarly, if there is a strong sea breeze on the beach, it might feel colder unless you are in a sheltered spot.

The rain gauges measure currrent rainfall and usually show zero. The wind gauges show wind speed and direction (ie the direction the wind is coming from). A northerly wind will usually mean it is sheltered on the beach.

The air pressure gauge shows the current barometer reading and whether it is falling or rising. A falling barometer indicates bad weather maybe on its way.

The green ‘LED’ at the top of the page shows the station is live.

Nerja Weather forecast

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