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50 Year Old Man Rescued From Rio Chillar Walk

A 50 year old man from Malaga, was rescued last night after falling whilst hiking in the Rio Chillar, in the area known as Salto Grande. The hiker fell causing possible fractures to his right leg and... More Information »
<!--:en-->50 Year Old Man Rescued From Rio Chillar Walk<!--:-->

55th Anniversary Of The Discovery Of The Nerja Caves

Sunday the 12th of January marks the 55th anniversary of the discovery of the Nerja Caves. To commemorate the event a milestone will be unveiled at midday, next to the original entrance to the caves.... More Information »

59 Year Old Man Rescued From Rio Chillar Hike

A 59 year old man was rescued by Protección Civil volunteers yesterday afternoon whilst walking in the Rio Chillar region. The man, a Madrid resident who is spending a few days holiday in Nerja, was... More Information »

63 Year Old British Man Missing In Rio Chillar

Emergency services have launched a search operation for a 63 year old British man, who has not been seen since Saturday, when he went hiking in ​​the River Chillar, setting off from Nerja. The... More Information »

70% Of Nerja’s Visitors Plan To Return

More than 70% of holidaymakers who stay in Nerja, claim that they plan to return again within 3 years. This is one of the findings of a tourism study carried out by the Spanish consultancy SOPDE last... More Information »
<!--:en-->70% Of Nerja's Visitors Plan To Return<!--:-->

70,000 Passengers Affected By Iberia’s Strike This Week

Spain’s national airline Iberia, is on strike this week, causing over 1,000 flights to be cancelled and affecting the travel plans of around 70,000 passengers. Iberia claim to have made... More Information »
<!--:en-->70,000 Passengers Affected By Iberia's Strike This Week<!--:-->

78 Dangerous Dogs Registered in Nerja

Out of a total of 8,600 dangerous dogs registered in the whole of the county of Malaga, just 78 of them are registered in Nerja. There are 365,000 dogs in total on the register. The breeds which are... More Information »

84 Year Old Man Killed In Traffic Accident

An 84 year old man died on Friday when he was hit by a vehicle which was reversing down the street where he lived. The accident happened at around 2pm in an alleyway off Chaparil (near to the... More Information »

945 Kilos Of Cannabis Seized From A Sports Boat

The Spanish Customs Service seized almost a tonne of cannabis in the early hours of Saturday off the Malaga coast. The drugs were being transported in a sports boat heading towards the town of... More Information »
<!--:en-->945 Kilos Of Cannabis Seized From A Sports Boat<!--:-->

95% Occupancy Rate In Nerja Hotels In August

Nerja’s hoteliers have reported that during the first two weeks of August their occupancy rate was 94.65%, slightly up on last August. Occupation rates ranged from 88% through to 99% during the... More Information »

9th Nerja Seabed Cleanup

Tomorrow (Sunday 29th of September 2013) the 9th Nerja Seabed Cleanup will take place along the Nerja coastline, from its border with Torrox at El Playazo in the west as far as Barranco de Maro in... More Information »

A B Property Service Nerja Estate Agents
* * * * *

AB Property services, is a small estate agents, with offices in a side street near the bottom of Castilla Perez (close to Torrecilla beach in Nerja). The owners of the business have more than 20... More Information »
<!--:en-->A B Property Service Nerja Estate Agents<!--:-->

A Corner of the Axarquía that is forever Cornwall?

An Expats View Of Life In Nerja Near riots were reported to have taken place in and around the Burriana area of Nerja as well as elsewhere along the coast after the publication of an “offending”... More Information »
<!--:en-->A Corner of the Axarquía that is forever Cornwall?<!--:-->

A March Day At Torrecilla Beach Nerja
* * * * ½

Torrecilla beach on a sunny warm March day. Click on the image to see full size.... More Information »
<!--:en-->A March Day At Torrecilla Beach Nerja<!--:-->

A New Episode Of “A Place In The Sun” For Nerja

Channel 4 will be in Nerja next week to film a new episode of the popular British TV show “A Place In The Sun: Home or Away”. Channel 4 previously filmed an episode here in October last... More Information »

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