Playa del Molino De Papel is one of the secluded beaches in the Acantilados de (cliffs of) Maro Cerro Gordo natural park. The beach is reached by a windy country track and is a pebbly beach with some sandy parts. In the middle of the beach there is a natural stream, surrounded by cane.

There are no facilities, bars, loungers or toilets on the beach, so make sure you bring everything you need for the day. Although there are no showers on the beach, you can rinse off the salt after you have been in the sea using the fresh water from the natural stream (although it is not advisable to drink the water).

The beach has views west towards Nerja and east towards the Cerro Gordo natural park. The western end of the beach ends in a cliff which stops you from walking any further, but the eastern end continues on round to the next beach in the park – another long beach with a mixture of pebbles and sand. Paths lead up from this beach to the car parks above.

To get to Playa del Molino de Papel, its either a very long hot walk or you will need a car. Take the N-340 coast road out of Nerja and go through Maro. Once on the other side of Maro the road sweeps down a hill, giving stunning views out over the Mediterranean sea. From the road you should be able to see the road/path down to the beach – which looks like a small beach with a river on one side – drive down and park near to the old paper factory then walk down the rugged path to the beach.

There are other beaches in this area you can also try. Look out for the signposts for the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo Natural Park and park in one of the cliff top car parks. Make sure you wear good shoes or walking sandals, as the paths down to the beaches here are steep and covered in loose stones.

Some paths are more easily accessible than others, but none of these beaches are suitable for people with any kind of walking difficulties. In the summer months there are shuttle buses down from the car parks to el Cañuelo beach and Playa de Cantarijan. Both of these beaches have some facilities including a beach restaurant and loungers, so aren’t as wild and unspoilt as Playa del Molino De Papel.

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